Jahn Electric, Dayton OH, Way Overpriced!

Dayton, Ohio 2 comments
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Needed to have a bracket re-installed on side of garage that held a non-electric power line that was pulled out when a tree limb fell on the wire.It required drilling two holes and putting in 2 new screws in the existing bracket that was still in tact.

He quoted us $307.00 + $59.00 for the service call to do a 15-minute job! He jacked the price up because it was cold outside & he didn't want to mess with it. We paid him $59 for Service call and sent him on his way! Called the company twice that day to speak to manager.

They said they'd have him call us. Never did. Called again the next day, received same message.

It's now been 5 days since our first call and still no one has returned our call.



If it was "two screws," why didn't you do it yourself? You wanted a trained, educated, licensed, insured company to do the work, but didn't want to pay anything?


I'm the technician that went back out and re-attached the power on both ends on a band-aid option.Not the best way to do it but, it worked.

The first tech priced the work out doing it the best way to do it. If figure if we're going to talk about this then, lets get the whole story.

Not everyone wants to get the work done the best way.Too bad.

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